What is ULT ?

Since its inception, apina, has stood out for the realization of original projects, which in many cases have become technological challenges. Some of them have been copied or imitated by others, but until today, our technology remains unique, since the name of apina is still synonymous of great know-how in the market. Since the incursion …

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Nota de empresa

Les comunicamos que en los últimos años una serie de empresas, así como páginas web, están tratando de usurpar la identidad gráfica y patrimonial de apina, otorgándose sus realizaciones y proyectos. Desde apina, queremos comunicar a nuestros clientes, proveedores y colaboradores que todos nuestros proyectos, han sido realizaciones íntegras de APINA APLICACIONES INDUSTRIALES DE LA …

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APINA sign a contract with DEWA for a new TESTIAC in «L» Station

Apina has signed a new contract with Dewa for the new Jebel Alia L1 Station. The project will install the apina’s TESTIAC® (Turbine Inlet Air Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage) technology in three GE gas turbines.