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From its beginnings, Apina has been distinguished by the realization of original projects, which have become on many occasions technological challenges.
Since its debut in the techniques of ammonia absorption (cooling by chemical process at low temperature) in which apina was pioneer, passing through the automated systems of industrial  refrigeration, apina has incurred in the world of ULT (Ultra Low Temperature), technological battle front still unknown.
U.B.T is defined as the temperature range between conventional freezing and cryogenic, covering the range from -40 ° C to -150 ° C.

Each application requires a specific temperature, which allows to ensure the process it serves. For each of these levels of cold generation, different technologies, and materials adapted to these technologies, are used, which are mainly: electromechanical compression, absorption (chemical), or the use of gases in their liquid state (as can be the use of N2).

While conventional freezing and cryogenics have a market and materials adapted to the technology, the U.L.T field has been restricted to small freezing powers (laboratories, research, organic samplers,…), the High Capacity ULT (up to 250kW) being a field still unexplored in the technical aspect.

The applications range from food (fish freezing for sushi) to the research sector (high capacity storage), but always with the requirement of very high precision and efficiency.

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