In absorption systems the mechanical compression is replaced by a physical-chemical compression which is merely a process of absorption and desorption. Because of the mixing of ammonia with water at different concentrations the ammonia vapor pressure can be modified to reach evaporation and condensation at the desired conditions.

Absorption modules are the preferred choice when a continuous source of heat is available, for instance, recovering the spare heat of a typical industrial process for refrigeration purposes. This way, absorption machines barely need any electric power to run. This means lower operation costs and the most environment friendly choice.

Absorption systems can work at evaporation temperatures as low as -30º C (-22ºF) to meet the demands of most refrigeration applications. Absorption systems are used for instance in ice harvesting and storing systems, in cold stores or in freezing tunnels among other industrial applications.

APINA´s absorption machine technology can also be used to run at high condensation temperatures like those occurring in warm climates, where the system must be air cooled due to the unfeasibility of the evaporative systems.

Ammonia-water absorption systems stand out as one of the highlights in technological innovation achieved by APINA, which has minimized their size and refrigerant charge fitting all the elements in a compact module totally factory-made and easy to install.


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