APINA has developed absorption modules with a unique and compact design, which are manufactured in our factory and shipped to their final location. This new concept is a step forward in absorption systems, since a large refrigeration machine with a refrigeration capacity of up to 2,500 kW can be shipped completely finished and ready for operation in a truck to its final location. Thanks to this development, the only operations to be performed on site are the connection of the module to the rest of the installation and the refrigerant fluids charge.

Besides the benefits of the complete factory assembly of the unit, itscompact size means a minimum ammonia charge as well as a reduced space needed for its insertion on the installation.

Using a continuous heat source, APINA’s absorption modules work with minimum electric power consumption, needed only for the auxiliary systems.The electric power consumption of an installation using absorption modules is only 5% of the power needed by the equivalent refrigeration system using compression technology. APINA’s absorption modules are manufactured to meet the highest international standards. Our factory has manufactured refrigeration equipment which has been approved by the most prestigious international audit firms like Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau and many others.

The use of high efficiency heat exchangers manufactured with stainless steel guarantees a long life cycle for the absorption machine, i.e., corrosion and rust free operation.

APINA’s absorption systems use ammonia as their refrigerant, which is accredited as the most environmentally friendly refrigerant, with no content of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or hydro-chlorofluoro.

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