To face the nowdays problem related to ecology and efficiency, APINA’s engineering department has developed its own and exclusive TESTIAC technology. This technology consists in storing cooling energy during 24 hours per day, which will be used to cool the turbines inlet air during the required hours.

The core of TESTIAC technology is APINA’s absorption module, which will use the turbine exhaust gases heat to generate the required cooling with only minimum parasitic power consumption for auxiliaries. This low power consumption makes the use of the absorption module suitable even during the power demand peak hours.


This way we achieve a better performance of the existing turbines, which may get to increase their power output up to 33% depending on turbine type and ambient temperature.

Designing a system with the most appropriate TESTIAC technology requires a detailed analysis of the power plant as well as an evaluation of the different options available. The parameters to be studied include the duration of the power demand peak hours, the turbines performance curves, the capacity of cooling generation and cooling energy storing as well as a study of historic data referring to the ambient conditions at the site location.

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